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The title at the top should probably be changed from Perisa to Persia…

Aman S

after having the sword….how to jump back….spacebar not helping….stuck n frustrated..how to make it?

Saad Mansour

how do i jump back after geting the sword ??


Блин первый тур даже пройти не могу. как я раньше его проходил когда денди была

Bob Willson

The game is not that hard after you get the hang of it. Look up a walkthrough “prince of persia online walkthrough” if you are having a lot of trouble.

Rajesh Sipaiya

how does it pulls out the sword ?


how the hell do you do n e thing in dis game?


ຳຫະຳ ່ີຳເນ ຳຫະັ ພຳ ຶີຳືນ

Chris D'Croz

very hard game



Yuriy Smirnov

its not authentiс princeofpersia 90′

Ray Diama

I am stuck at getting the sword!!!! and to think I could go up to level 6 when I was 7 years old. I was so damn good and didn’t even know that.


how to i jump to escape from the sharp things on the ground at the beginning????????

Christopher Butts Desir

How do I jump to escape from the sharp thing on the ground at the beginning?!???

Sonvy Gupta

please tell me how to jump off the second set of nails where the door opens…no clue…is there some trick…please please help me

matthew bess

where da sword

Kavya Mohan

y cant this guy move slowly he goes fast into the steel


я-то меч нашел, а вот как оттуда прыгать обратно, кто поможет


How the hell do I get the sword?

Silvia Juliana González Sierra

Yo tengo ese juego en un Diskette !
Que lindos Recuerdos !


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F.A. Tapia

SO FREAKIN HARD… unless i just suck that bad ;p

Aboud Abdullah

Wow great game one of my best games as a kid

Davis Sebastian

to jump from the spikes just click up arrow and the leftkey/rightkey together

Davis Sebastian

or press the space bar



mahmut deniz

Damn!after pressing the shift key repeatedly windows pops up sticky keys option…very annoying!!! and by the way, do I have to pick the sword every time I die in the game ???

Vasudevan Potty



this is tens

Mazandarani Ferria

controls are too bad for playing … too fast moving .. i missed DOS times , it was perfect …