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which key is for the jump option

Where are the hammers as well as the other stages for this game??? It’s like I’m stuck in the Twilight Zone with infinite lives and when I’ve made it to the top, it took me back to where I’ve started. Deleted it… 🙁

Lev 01 forever …

Angel Tadeo Muñoz Sanchez

forever alone

How do you climb the ladders?

Hard as always

Press Up, Left, Right Or Down To Move. And Space To Jump. But Can You Pause The Game?

I don’t understand how to Climb Ladders

almost gotem

how high did you get?


i keep pressing spacebar and the screen goes down. WTC! (what the crap!)

So, I got all the way up there 3 times and I have no idea how to beat the level. The first time, I climbed on the last red platform to stand in front of the princess, a heart popped up and then it broke and Donkey Kong stole her and climbed up the larger ladder. The second time, I passed the shortest ladder and climbed the larger one attached to the platform thinking I needed to get behind her to somehow grab her and keep climbing but when I reached the larger ladder, Mario wouldn’t climb. The third time… Read more »

HOW DO U CLIBB DEE [email protected]#41

Saved her once. I’m done. Shit is way harder than I remember. I used to kill this on my Gemini system.

how do you move



how do you play the games


Where can i play?

where do i play?


Good game

you all are awsome