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Game controls:  Move –  Arrow keys , Fire ball – space.

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Mario, 4.4 out of 5 based on 5638 ratings

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My God, Im seeing things!! I see me 13 years younger!!!

it is a great game it is awesome 🙂

jessica sucks at this game

ok…im 13 now…and i freakin LLOOOVEEE THIS GAME!!!!

love this game!!

how is can ls shot fire ball?


nintendo games…

Pretty Mandy Just'saying

love this game omg

it was a ever green game in the world


Oliver Ace Deleña Sibugan

de ja vu!

Totally awesome!!!


the 90s was the decade of originality. TV shows, music, games and life was so much better than what it is today.

I Hate This Game


With a shot already I kill this game me re he bores

fuck you all

This flash game is awesome

Oldies…… Reminds of my childhood days!

Can you pause the game?

this game reminds me when i was younger

u fking no life whores

this game is hell good xoxoxoxoxoxoxox lol >3>3>3

how can i stop listening the music and still play? I wanr to listen to spotify while i’m playing

I haven’t played this in ages!

did anyone know how to get the code?

i feel so young…life is too short. at least i have encountered this game

fucking thing sucks