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Great!!! I must have killed a few hundred hours playing this on the original Nintendo and now here I am, stupidly giving it a “try” for old times sake…. Please tell me where the rehab. is???

am ganna shoot the dog


i hate that dog :))

were did my childhood go?

I know! It’s the most sadistic creature on earth 😡

i want to kill that fucking dog arrrrrrrrrrrr

round 11,,109500score

@disqus_K6eVSSjkPK:disqus round 11 score 176500 :)))

crying nostalgic :’[email protected]

mee too

dumb dog

i had to stop i got bord. lol

when the end of this games ?? :O

15 lvl – 265500… I’m tired…

I’ve always hate that dog

Good times

mah fav game i ever played..

237500 LVL 21 psk c chiant a la fin

my score 100800


i got 999,999 wanna know why? im jesus

OMG DUCK HUNT!!! I thought I’d never see this again!

Damn! I used to be good at duck hunt with the orange and grey shot gun. Playin without a controller for mario or the shotgun for duckhunt sux!


play the dog level


Fuck dogs arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WTF DOGS

the only thing they need to add was all the turtle games from the nes

Can I just shoot myself like Cobain?