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I do not know Chinese, SOMEONE TRANSLATE THIS THING!!!!! To english.

i dont know


A chinese replica? Not what I expected but brought back memory.

play the game

maria nauanda



o noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zing powen zero ea chineze i cakirt

oh it is a chines game

i cant open this game

This is rubbish. This is not the 90’s 16 bit Aladdin game. I got that game when I was eight, and this isn’t it. What crap.

Legendary game 😀

Beat it. I’m the champ.

i do not like this game a all is not worth my time

Thank you Tristan 🙂

Trouble with the game loading… Any suggestions??

All of ya’ll gay as fuck .


what are you talking about

it doesn’t work on my computer -_-

I like playing games

I found a trick in this game, but is available on some computers..

I like chinese girl..

why aladin can’t play

it wont load tf


Castle Zemarri R. Ramirez


why is the game is not loading this piece of ….!