The Lost Vikings

Game Controls: Arrow keys – To move, W – Switch control of viking, A – Special move no. 1 , S -Special move no. 2.


A fun action-platformer in which you play as three characters: a wizard, a warrior and a thief. They’re all on an epic quest to save their homeland, Asgard.

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why is it so short ????

>Right Click Screen >Quality >Low = 10x Easier

Oh my god! This is so awesome!!! 馃榾

This game is very entertaining and very entertained my I like to it

pero si s贸lo es un nivel!! y este juego ten铆a cientos de niveles

how do u jump in this game?????

袨啸校袝袧袧袗携 袠袚袪袗

袙袠袣袠袧袚袠 袙袝袥袠袣袠袝

Huh, one level and that’s it?

i beat this cause im jesus

Great game, brings back memories too bad only 1 lvl. Original had well over 30 I belive.

how do you breack the wall thing

How do you jump in this game?


u jump with Eric [the red one] press the letter A


i have no clue

awsome sous