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Finally, After 2 days of restless practice and hard training, I have won the championship.
I am very proud of me. ( :
Thanks for cheering.


hahahahaha SEGA memory

just beat the game with ANNA!

i totally lost i cant catch her or his direction of the ball whos with me

It was kinda fun.


Undisputed Champ still!!!!

I suck


This game is racist! Venus is White O.o

suck my big fat tit yolol

hay i love pooooooop in a bag you know like the smell is soo fucking good

soooooooo if i ove you and you love me how the fuck loves every one and thare mother


i suck at this dude

the best ive got was 2nd round

this sucks

great, fun game…that it’s difficult makes it that much better.

Great game.

full fun games its better

Piece of Cake. But reminds me of time at the game….

this game is so boss

asienpre gano

I Love games


this is awesome

hey my name is james

This game stinks. The guy moves to slowly and the hitting is way too slow

fuck this