Mortal Kombat

Games are available only on PC

Game controls : Arrow Keys – Move,  A – Punch, S – Block, D – Kick.


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Mortal Kombat, 4.5 out of 5 based on 6093 ratings

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how do you do special moves!?!?!?

finish him !!!

why there is no more characters?

Its good but it needs Scorpion!!

you should fix the pit. so we can do its fatality. i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one that agrees. besides that stage fatality is boss. there can’t just be one stage fatality its not right.

Deciime Cami Vallejos

ganamos todos los niveles :p


cant do the fatality

me has hecho recoradar viejos tiempos =) Gracias buen game

More Special moves (Sub-Zero):

Back, Foward, Punch

Freeze move: hold together= down & right arrow + ‘a’ button

More special moves (Kitana):

Fan Spin: left arrow + ‘a’ button

Oscar Bryancito Reyes Lopez

For fatalities : (F- foward, B- back, D- down, P- Punch)

Nightwolf -B,F,B,P;

Kabal – D,B,F,P,

Noob F.D.F.P

Sub F,F,B,D P

Kitana D, D, D, D, P (e.g: press down arrow 4 times and then press A (punch) ).



Cool Moves:

Night Wolf= Hold together at same time – left and down arrow with ‘A’ button.
Noob= Hold together at the same time- down arrow and ‘D’ button

does anyone know how to do Noob’s shuriken move???

scorpion should be on here. and what about the characters how do you unlock them???

More cool moves:
Kabal: hold together ‘A’ button and left arrow (right arrow if opponent on your left)

Most Defensive move for every player=
Hold together: down arrow + ‘s’ button

This Mortal game Kombat is the boring mas I want the Original man

OMG you know the place where the background has blades? when I was about to finish my opponent, I just did down arrow and ‘a’ button and my opponent went flying to the blades and died and it was a fatality. You should try it. (when i punched her, I actually did Noob’s fatality right in front of the opponent)

how do you get more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How do u do noobs special

how u do noobs special move

that reminds me here’s the Fatality on the map with the saw Blades

well it simulates 90s but you cant be scorpion #GET OVER HERE

i never died in this game

how to get more characters and how to combo

kitana=front+back+a together again and again

How to unlock players ?