King of Fighters

Games are available only on PC
 Game controls: Select – JWASD – Move , U – Light Punch , I – Medium Punch , O – Hard Punch , J – Light Kick , K – Medium Kick, L – Hard Kick


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King of Fighters, 4.4 out of 5 based on 909 ratings

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it wont load for me ? anyone know why

It’s funny, I was born in 2001 and yet I’ve played all of these 90’s games. :/

How do I unlock the other fighters ?

what are the 2p controls

That good is this game is of it fights I like it you fight of King of Fighters!!!

yes garane ninti ondosabe nosa


Tak Sonok

if this is King Of Fighters why is Ryu in the game?


y nothing der?


hi maxwell

it wont load for me what kind of game is this its really cheap

it wont load

donde puedo encontrar el juego de el doble dragon

it just wont load ive been waiting for soo long 🙁

the timing and keys are completely off and labeled wrong, even when you set them

can’t unlock other characters… 🙁


ho i ting to you i fell ?

i am awesome and your not!

>Called King of Fighters
>Uses Street Fighter Alpha 3 menu music

Can you use a game controller for this?


motherfucker spammed me with hadouken

dis nigga wont move lol

Bitch game


hicomment image