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i made myself lose by hitting the black phoenix.I think i’ll go play Yandere Simulator now

awesome was an addict of this one

How do you even shoot and why is everything in Chinese

dios mio q recuerdos

how to pause while playing? 😀

Marito Maruto Inarra Mancilla

todavia tengo mi NINTENDO

fuck Dz game!!

which should i press to shoot


very niceeee

what the heck is the point of this game – remember it being real addictive back in the day!!! The tanks keep reappearing …and then what???


Great game ever i paled…..


muito massa

I cant understand what it says.

nobady play in the emulator a game name street fighter amde in 1992 amybe but there is only 5 palyers ( ryu gaile chun lee and zongeef or idk and the police man :3 pls help me find it

guys pls what the machine name we used to play this i remember a card on it games but the machine is what exctly ?

is there any button to mute?

this is shitmotherfucka game

is there a 2 player option ?


i love this game its my childhood nostalgia, F for shooting, 2 can play 1 should fire the other should drive……love love love for the game thank u

it stupiad

can i creat my own level