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Use left and right arrow keys to move side to side, Up arrow key to rotate block, Space bar to go down

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Rating: 4.2/5 (205 votes cast)
Tetris, 4.2 out of 5 based on 205 ratings

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  • suckmyhalfacentimetrePENIS

    level 50 im so pro

  • Annete

    I think it’s really hard!!!!

    • Ian James Russell

      thats what she said

  • I’ve got lag

    • zoe


  • disqus_vWLiUsyMiC

    this is like so easy lol

  • disqus_vWLiUsyMiC

    i passed all the levels

  • virginia

    i beat the hole thing lol

    • Riley15168


  • virginia

    man i am bored

  • shell agnew


  • gg losers

  • Daniel Tafoya

    How can you mute the sounds in the game?!

    • nangyal

      you can mute the sound from your own computer

  • John Greene

    Its a sad day when my 2005 computer cant handle tetris.

  • Gints Uvis

    not a bet game tetris

  • Muniatey Ar

    not the same like the old game -.-

  • irfan
  • nangyal

    so bad game and it is so fast

  • Ian James Russell


  • warer76

    wow this is a horrible remake of tetris at first my 2014 or 2013 computer almost coodent handle it but it did.

  • LouLou

    how do you win