Doom Triple Pack

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Doom Triple Pack, 4.4 out of 5 based on 1045 ratings

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  • Zoids Metroid

    good game

  • Zaryabblue


  • ziyad


  • ziyad


  • charity

    how can u walk in this game

    • Tyler Takayanagi

      key ‘w’ is forward, key ‘s’ os backward, key ‘a’ is step left and key ‘d’ is step right. key ‘r’ is open door. key ‘shift’ + and direction of travel is sprint. arrow key is to look around, space bar is to fire. key 1 to 5 is weapons. tab key is for map.

  • khamphai

    play game

    • Grim


      • jeramiah

        deezzz nutzzzz

  • khamphai

    very good

  • Nic Rios

    Great game from SNES

  • losh

    oh ya

  • losh


  • losh

    what is wrong with you elephant

  • losh


  • losh

    omg MEXICAN

  • Kasee

    omfg, this game used to scare the fuck outta me when my brother used to play it lol, now im 16 and it stilll gives me the creeps XD

    • warer76

      im12 it gives me the creeps a little

    • Rainer Well

      Try playing it when it came out in the early-mid 90s…. SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. I’d damn near get anxiety attacks from Heretic…. with it’s 3D sound (if you had a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, of course… none of that Tandy bullshit).

  • blankbot

    what are the weapons?

  • blankbot

    taking forever to load

  • Canueven Controller

    great just great game i only like doom though

  • Canueven Controller

    doom is awesome

  • KingofGames


  • jeramiah

    Charity it is under the game screen.

  • fritz

    lol This game …………………………………………………………………………………………………. will kill me for 5745727 Years Last time I Play That game for 1237510338263703 Years

  • Joseph

    I remember the “cutting edge” high end graphics and gameplay of this game when it came out. Loved it then and love it now.

  • stinkycheese

    why can i only play one doom episode

  • Sage Utter

    kicking ass and chewing bubblegum but i’m all out of gum (duke nukem) doom f***ing fules

  • warer76

    my 2014 can barely stand the game lo l.

  • rodolfo

    awesome game

  • Link Hyrulian

    Don’t you hate it when they pop right up in your face! also how do you open the door?

  • Hans

    why no music

  • Eddie

    Has Anyone Completed It On NightMare? I Did No Joke

  • smoke246

    when theres smoke theres fire

  • TiQuan DeyHonahlesha

    ya m8 disregard females acquire currency

  • carlos


  • Olivier Sime

    this is a little boring):

    • Dan

      Haven’t you played DOOM in your childhood?

  • Attila Talapka

    That’s why isw boring, because this version is a sh*t. Who was that dumb, who put the rotation to the arrow keys and put the left/right stepping to the a/d keys? Play the original version of it! Only arrows and ?/. keys. Much better to play and much faster.

  • Maurice

    How on earth do I open the doors? The defualt commands are not working.

  • anthony

    this game is ok

  • anthony

    how ujji’u?dfc,jgk}”{

  • Wes

    on the game doom, there are no monsters on the easy level

  • Rot Sarak


  • Barbara Allen-Smith

    what key do you push while walking to find hidden stuff
    how do u jump

  • Dwayne

    Mine taking forever to load.I have chromebook.anybody else?

  • Dwayne

    Cool game

  • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media

    I don’t know why people say this is creepy. I’m 11 and I’m not scared at all

    • rubelthebubble

      me neither

  • Dwayne

    like halo but halo is way better.

    • Jake

      Doomguy would kick master chiefs ass

  • Kurokaze Akahiro

    I can’t move in this game 🙁

  • Sean Doherty

    hertz me plenty!!!!!!

  • Dylan Bing

    how do you turn the camera?!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Bing

    er me gerd

  • Dylan Bing


  • VaKe Shots

    how do you open doors

  • Ethan Lasky

    So, I’m unable to look up or down, but I can look sideways, any tips?

  • phil

    how do you pause

  • tyree


  • #cheats

    try iddqd and idfka

  • kyle


  • Supertuber010203

    what is glory kill I want 2 kick sum ass

  • Anil Pawar


  • ghhgg


  • Anthony Jewell

    Guys how do I start the game it is not appearing for me

  • Şizofren

    how i will start the game? and idk how to use this site ?

  • bobby

    cheat codes?

  • Ur boi

    how do you jump

  • roxyur gay

    how do u save your game