Crash Bandicoot

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Game controls: Move – arrows, Action – Space Bar .

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Crash Bandicoot, 4.3 out of 5 based on 1911 ratings

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  • bkn asssadsaasd



    • Tiana Ratcliff

      how do u getin the portals

  • Ivan lyubin

    lololol Crush…. its crash.

    • juan culo madallas

      crash on ur ass

  • aydin qasimov

    i still love this game

  • abbi

    cant get passed the 1st level

    • juan culo madallas

      u suck

    • king of games

      how do u get in levels

    • adam

      i can beat this game

  • just let me get on way the game

  • taniclopz

    I feel like I’m going to be playing this all day.

  • Makenzee

    i love this game played it since i was like 5

    • ray

      how old are you now

    • caden

      ive been playing since i was 3

      • abdirisaq

        i have bean plaing since i was 1

  • me


  • Druuuu

    OMG i have trieed and tried and i am still trying to get through L3 ! 😛

  • Druuuu

    does anyone have any advise on how to pass L3 ? i really need it ! 😀

  • Jacob

    Uhm, you guys are aware that this isn’t the actual game, right?

  • Mehul Singh

    How to kill ripper roo plz help

  • tintier

    jougeit game

  • tintier


  • Got all the crystals and gems. killing

  • samcrash

    hahaha! go on Snow Joke and at the 1st 2 boxes stacked up, walk up next to it and just keep pressing space and enjoy the lifetime supply of apples glitch 😉

    • James Duffy

      I think the glitch is, lose all of your lives, then start a level and every box is, well, you can find out for yourself. 😉

  • Stephanie

    Oh my gawd, how do you kill Ripper Roo? I can’t figure it out!

  • Love

  • eu achei idiota

  • Sunshine

    To kill Ripper Roo you have use your spin move when he throws a silver block at you, after each time you do this he destroys a platform, do it three times and you win. Tip: It seemed to me he threw a silver one after a certain number of others.

  • Nathan

    stupid question but ive beaten all the levels on level 1. ive been roo what do i do next?

  • ray

    stupid game can’t pass L2 >:P

  • ®©-killer

    кто русский нафег?

  • shell agnew


  • shell agnew


  • shell agnew


    • Jacob


  • shell agnew


  • shell agnew


  • shell agnew

    ( its hard @google-1693a88b140088cb393533d6a19bb99a:disqus

  • Jordaan


  • i can get pass levil 2

  • and 1

  • rob

    mine glitched and now i can hit the boxes unlimited time so i have unlimited crates and unlimited lives

  • brianna m

    i love this game

  • brianna m

    but it told me i suck

  • brianna m

    wright yes if it said you suck

  • brianna m


  • leslie


  • Khalil Provitt

    i can’t beat the boss of the game

  • moggle

    lost what do you need

  • Naddir Alhumari

    awesome game

  • chekai

    nice winner

  • jose martinez

    this is so easy

  • WTF…… I love It ^^

  • me

    so ggooooood grafikz

  • Moshman406

    i`v beat this game like 1000 times but i keep on beating it beacuz its so FRAKING fun

  • cotton candy


    • hitesh chandwani

      hellooo cotton
      hw r u

  • cotton candy

    hay whaz up

  • Ivy

    I SUCK at this game!!!!

  • Yolo

    this game stinks

  • Terry

    how do i enter levels on crash

    • Chris Lopez

      how do you get in the portals??

      • Calonie Johnson

        Press the Up Arrow key.

        • Kristin Paige Allen

          I did that.. It just made me jump ._.

          • Eduardo Alvarado

            same here what the hell

          • Dwayne

            Same. This game is broken. I pressed up and it just made me jump

          • tammy

            did you ever get it to work and if so how?

          • sarah


          • coolguy334455

            hi do want to go with me yes or no

          • coolguy334455

            hi do want to go out with me yes or no

          • Anthony


          • Megan Bethel

            did you ever figure out how to get into the portals?

          • christian emmer


          • christian emmer


          • Ana Aslan Wad Shraane


        • Yogesh Kumar

          how i destroy ripper roo

        • samie

          dont work

        • trinity123abc

          i had try that

        • trinity123abc

          i had tryed that Calonie Johnson

      • anthony rodriguez

        i know right

    • jayden

      hey boys whats up this game ROCKS

      • abdirisaq

        sup bitch how do i enter the portal good i know but your middle finger up your asses

      • Liam Guy

        How did you go inside a portals?

    • Trevor Phillips

      press up

    • Jason

      How did you go inside a portals?

    • Jason

      Yas, I do want to know.

    • Jason

      I do want to know.

    • sarah

      did you ever figure out how to enter the levels?

  • Terry

    i could really use some help on crash bandicoot.

  • Luna

    how do you get into the levels?

  • Jean perez

    looks like shit, this isnt the real crush. the real crush came out for the ps1 in the 90’s

  • bigdawg

    how do you enter the damn portals

  • Bianca Gutierrez


  • Maximiliano Joaquín

    vaca los juegos

  • Chris Lopez

    how da fuq do you get in the portals

  • -anonyme-

    Fuck bitches

  • luvi

    i beAt this game

  • luvi

    i beat all levels

  • sheri sher

    this game takes 4ever to load!!!!!!!

  • Jesus -_-

    Jesus Christ Bandicoot is my name

  • dee

    how do you go in the portal?

  • lanisha

    how in the world do i enter the levels?

  • lanisha

    help please lol i just wanna play

  • jackson

    that game was fuckin idiot

  • Ditto

    i CAN’T seem to move on from level 02

  • ▼Socially Awkward▼

    i feel nostalgic now listening to the soundtrack lol

  • Luke Drsuess Moyer

    I think i broke it lol

  • Grace Barter

    To get into portals you press the up button 🙂

  • Grace Barter


  • Grace Barter

    does anyone here like justin bieber?

    • Alice Sheppard

      no hate him


      no he is gay did you now that he was gay

  • makaveli

    jump into it

  • samie

    how do you get in the portals

  • Juliana Mabry

    How do you enter?????

  • sprinkle

    how the hell do i get into the portals????

  • Grace Barter

    free willy

  • erick

    how do you get in the portals

  • jess

    how do u enter ???????????

  • chromey

    i have a chromebook, anybody else? by the way way, jumping in the portals dosen’t work!!!

    • Amalia

      I DO.

    • Marissa Schichman

      Same here

    • Tiana Ratcliff

      i do

    • Alice Sheppard

      i have one it’s so cool, my dad hates it though

      • Payton Bennett

        i do

    • meaughegh

      me too

    • kaitlyn bender

      i have one too, cant figure out hoe to get into portals

    • abdirisaq

      i do

    • Anthony

      i have cromebook

      • Katie Sowards

        how do you get into the portals?

    • Levi Lyons

      me too

    • Dwayne

      I do:)

    • Dwayne

      Awesome I Do.By the way have you guys tried game oldies?

  • Joe Omalley

    20 years ago is a long time, lets see how it goes for a bit longer.

  • xiomara1

    how do u even enter the portals plz tell me havent played

  • xiomara1

    how do u even get into portals i pressed the up arrow but didnt work

  • xiomara1

    .-. trying do get in portal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xiomara1

    boring game just standin there

  • Skunky

    How do you jump into the portal?.. i think the game is broken lol.

  • jayden


  • jayden

    you don`t reply

  • Jaime Gabbard

    HOW DO YOU GET IN THE PORTAL?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?

    • oreallycmon

      stand infront of it and press up..?

  • Gstar

    I can’t get into any portals!!!!

  • caden

    this game is easy for all those people who need help here are some tips,
    stand right in front of the portal and press / and to kill ripper roo you have to press space on the cement blocks he throws at you. BTW i was so excited when i found this game on the net been playings since i was 3


    Can’t enter levels. This sucks

  • shadow puff

    how do i get in the portals i have the chrome book

  • الوحش الفتاك


  • Timothy R Keane

    how do i play this game

  • Timothy R Keane

    this game is dumb because i cant even get in to a levels

  • son

    how do you get on gromebook

    • son

      get in the level on the groebook

  • Rose Guilliams

    how do you get in the portals????

  • Bat Kave

    crack up game old skool as

  • AFWS

    This is actually HARDER than the original.

  • jared

    how do you get in portles i pushed up??

  • Payton Bennett

    a cheat is GotZOOKA and you will get a fruit cannon

  • tyren66

    I can’t get in to the portals

  • tom


  • kate

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i was looking forward to playing but i cant enter the first level.

  • steppen

    i can’t enter the rooms how do you do that???

  • evan

    how do i get through the portal 😛

  • Tia

    how do you get into the portals? i have press the up arrow and it just makes me up

  • FaZe Yetii

    cant enter the portal

  • adrian

    How do i enter the portals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • brandy

    how do you get in dah portals?!!

  • gcjhc

    how do u get in the portal

  • liam

    This is weird, just… weird.

  • Jason

    Yas, I do want to know.

  • sarah

    i love this game

  • gabe


  • Tiffany Baker

    i have chromebook and i have tried the up arrow key and all it does is jump i also tried the space bar and nothing i have tried the enter button and nothing how in the world do i get into the portal ? Help me please and thanks

  • Guest

    If you know what this is your childhood was awesome.

  • temp

    down syndrome crash bandicoot?

  • jonathan


    • jonathan


  • kaleigh

    Seirously how do you enter the effing portal??!!

  • Spencer Belden

    ah just beat the boss

  • Katie Sowards

    How do you enter the portals??

  • Anthony

    amazing lol

  • gotanks 154

    wtf dude -_-

    • gotanks 154

      how do u get in portals???????????

  • hazeleyed

    how do i enter portals. i need help

  • KoolaidMan

    omg how do u get in

  • sexy girl


  • killer

    fuck you how to get in the portl

  • Levi Lyons

    how do i get into the portals



  • aidan

    it does not worck

  • aidan

    i have a chrome too

  • aidan

    how do you get in portlas on a chrome

  • Dwayne

    How do you enter a level.By the way I have a chromebook

  • Dwayne

    What happens if you press spacebar.Is there a way by using spacebar.:|

  • Dwayne

    I dont like this game because there is no way to get in.:(

  • Dwayne

    How do you get in the unstoppible impossible portal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Antowine


  • (:

    I’ve beat this game so many times before, but level 3 is really hard

  • dre

    hi everyone how r u

  • popzx12

    what sup

  • trinity123abc

    how do you enter

  • Oyuki

    I have a chromebook. Trying to get into the portals but the up arrow and enter button don’t work :/

  • Mike Ly

    dont play this on a chromebook it wont work, trash your chromebook and get a real laptop

  • minecraft lover

    how do you get in portals?

  • Anissa Vasquez

    its not showing me the game. what do i do?

  • Justina

    I have chromebook too, and up arrow just makes me jump. Has anyone figured out how the hell to get into these doors?? If so, can u tell me so I can play, please!?

  • Sean Doherty

    looks like nones managed to get this to work in over 3years ” how do I get in to the portal?!?” being the most asked question. The one that say its ROCKS!! Are full of BS. They’d have told us how they managed to get in the portals… So the” wow this level brings me back to when I was,.. blar,, blar! Are sad little dicked boys who spank the money far too afthen even they think something is wrong with them….p.s… all people with a Chromebook “os” is there a convertor that’ll let me watch movies downloaded of a windows format. When I plug a hard drive into my crombook os I loose the sound on all the films.. Downloading never orks cos its all keyed for windows! Where can I go to get free movies with this cromebook? Cos all I can do is go to pay for view sites made buy the big corp’s to bleed us dry

  • Sean Doherty

    your bandicoot avitar should enter the first portal by standing dead center in a doorway and pressing up and spin at the same time. That’s how its done on the n64. This demo works with apple-mac or windows not with the cromeboook os.., its just a guess really., All those having portal entry issues(sounds like a job for the love doctor) were also operating on Chromebook os. Just a coincidence?? I think not!

  • autumn

    How do i get in the portals

  • bob

    how do i enter levels on crash bandicoot

  • Christian Johnson

    it doesn’t work

  • Rebecca Brewer

    Won’t even let you enter the levels! UGH!

  • andre

    its not working and i have a chromebook

  • cooper475

    i hit up i just jumped

  • jacquez

    it is not working.

  • sup


  • sup

    how r u

  • YottiDaAnt

    is this not working because iḿ on a chromebook?

  • Emma Soderman

    how do i enter life problems

  • Jacob

    go in the portals

  • Jacob

    how do you beat the boss

  • Jacob


  • Dorota Layla


  • Jacob


  • Michael Reeves


  • Thane Frost

    Quick quesh. Where’s the prompt to download or play?

  • Dannelle Boyd

    Still doesn’t work when pressing up to go into portal. Makes me think that people are lying about getting in and beating it…

  • mikey

    how do u get in a portal

  • matvey MLG


  • malikah

    how do you play

  • Boedigheimer Orange Tnt

    walk up to portal press up arrow it works so shut up you guys aint doing it right

  • Sandra Weaver

    press up

  • shontique

    the up arrow isn’t working

  • TGL

    it doesn’t work i am happy i have n sane trilogy

  • mohd Azri

    maskh kmsdh kamsu ksmdhsska mshdsk mshsusk msdhsk zmaski kmdsh ksdmk