The Fascinating History of McDonald’s Monopoly

foto: Reddit

In the 1990s, McDonald’s ran an extremely popular promotion called “Monopoly,” where customers could collect game pieces from their food packaging and redeem them for prizes. The game pieces were based on the properties in the classic board game Monopoly, and the goal was to collect entire sets of properties to win bigger prizes.

At the time, the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion was incredibly popular and generated a lot of excitement among customers. People would visit McDonald’s specifically to collect game pieces and try to win prizes, which ranged from small items like t-shirts and hats to big-ticket items like cars and vacations.

One of the reasons that the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion was so successful was that it offered a wide range of prizes, so there was something for everyone. Additionally, the game was easy to understand and play, which made it appealing to people of all ages.

However, the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion was not without controversy. In 2001, it was discovered that a group of insiders had cheated the system by stealing rare game pieces and redeeming them for prizes. This led to a number of lawsuits and a federal investigation into the matter.

Despite the controversy, the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion remains a fond memory for many people who grew up in the 1990s. It was a fun and exciting way for customers to engage with the McDonald’s brand and have a chance to win some great prizes.

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