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CoOl gAme

Don’t even know how to play!!


Pros: *Can mute music & sounds; *Allows multiple undos; *Allows shuffle vs a forced close; *Highlights free tiles to compensate for the small size of board & tiles; *There are like 100 levels from easy to difficult, & you can choose to play any one you want. Cons: *Tiles are small & difficult to see; and the most annoying of all…*There is no option for auto-finish, it is very annoying to have to click on every last pair in order to clear the board to start a new game. It is this last feature that caused me to rate the… Read more »


reminds me of playing this as a kid on my moms laptop. Its a great workout for the mind and relaxing after a day at Cross Country practice……..

beat the game LOL o.O so easy

Veronica Galloway Hansen

I love this, allways calms me down. it has never failed to do so <3 <3 <3 <3