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1993’s Goblins Quest 3 was originally known as just Goblins 3, but after Sierra got involved they decided to add the Quest suffix in an attempt to align the game with their other Quest series (see King’s QuestPolice Quest and Space Quest).

In this game the player controls originally only one Goblin called Blount,[14] but gets assistance from a number of sidekicks throughout the game including Chump the parrot, Ooya the magician, and Fulbert the snake. Blount is also bitten by a wolf early in the game and, after escaping from the afterlife, must contend with semi-frequent metamorphoses into a super-strong but uncouth werewolf alter ego. Most areas in Goblins 3 are larger than the screen and therefore scroll. The game features 18 different levels, and like Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon, some are interconnected to each other (e.g., walking from the countryside to the inn) whilst others can’t be exited until the player has finished that specific level. Later in the game, the player discovers that the main protagonist, Blount, was in fact the little prince that was kidnapped in Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon.

The gaming press awarded broadly positive reviews, with scores ranging from around 75% to 85%,[15][16] though—as it did with its predecessor Gobliins 2—CU Amiga awarded a lower score of just 53%.[17] Computer Gaming World said in June 1994 that like the previous games, “Goblins Quest 3 is designed to thoroughly amuse … Puzzle lovers are guaranteed an enjoyably bizarre experience”.[18] The magazine rated the game 3.5 stars out of five in July, stating that unlike the earlier games it had plot twists and other adventure game-like elements, and “bright, expressive” VGA graphics, but shared their humor. Computer Gaming World concluded that it would be a good game for new adventurers, and all players would enjoy the “charming characters and goofy plot elements”.[19]

In 1994, PC Gamer US named Goblin’s Quest 3 the 42nd best computer game ever.[20] The following year, the magazine presented Goblins Quest 3 with its 1994 “Best Puzzle Game” award, writing that its puzzles “will challenge and delight even the most experienced gamers. A terrific package!”[21]

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