Voice of Nintendo’s Iconic Character Mario, Charles Martinet, Retires After 27 Years

Nintendo’s beloved character Mario, known for his distinctive voice, will have a new sound moving forward. Charles Martinet, the actor behind Mario’s iconic voice, has announced his retirement from the role after an impressive 27-year run. Martinet has been the voice of the Italian plumber since 1996, starting with the groundbreaking game Super Mario 64.

The news of Martinet’s departure was confirmed by Nintendo on X, expressing their gratitude for his contributions and describing it as an “honour” to work with him. While Martinet did not lend his voice to the titular character in the recently released Mario movie, the honor was bestowed upon actor Chris Pratt.

Despite stepping down from recording character voices for Nintendo’s games, Martinet will continue to collaborate with the gaming giant as a “Mario ambassador.” This new role will involve traveling the world and spreading the joy of Mario while interacting with fans.

Martinet’s portrayal of Mario has been instrumental in the success of the character and the franchise. He has lent his voice to Mario in numerous games, including the popular Mario Kart and Mario Party series. His voice acting talents have brought life not only to Mario but also to other beloved characters within the Mario universe, such as Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and the baby versions of these characters.

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