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Super Smash Flash

This game is no longer available

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Game controls:

Arrow keys to move, O – jump, P – attack


Super Smash Flash is a series of fighting browser games published by indie company McLeodGaming, led by Gregory McLeod under the alias Cleod9. It is based on the Super Smash Bros series.[1] The original Super Smash Flash is based specifically on Super Smash Bros. Melee. Its follow-up, also considered a reboot, is Super Smash Flash 2.

Like in the official Super Smash Bros. titles, the player’s objective is to knock opponents off of the screen. Players are given a percentage counter instead of a health bar, which increases as they take damage. A higher damage percentage means that attacks will send the player farther, which may ultimately lead to a KO.[2]

The games are not direct clones of the official titles, as they feature adjusted mechanics and playable content, both stages and characters, not present in the original Super Smash Bros. series by virtue of being a fanmade project.

In the original Super Smash Flash, characters only have a total of five attacks each, activated by pressing the “P” key along with an arrow key, additionally, some characters had an extra attack while jumping. The reboot, Super Smash Flash 2, offers control much more similar to that of the official games. Along with the option to use a keyboard like its predecessor, 2 adds support for USB Game controllers and other gaming devices that can be used for computers.

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Of course Im going to play as Link!

its awesome


it is fun

How do you choose charecter?

U click the red button with p1 on it and you drag it to the character you want to play with

I finished the whole game! Yay

you can suck deez :3

i have this on my wii super smash bros. its different

:3 butt

i love this game for wii and the computer i won every level!!




is sock!

go play a real game









oeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeeo muere muere

How do you mute?

it is boss!

gago ka crista hughe

no kirby :'(

megaman da fuck