How to play Flash Games in Google Chrome

Step 1: Select the padlock

Once the page has opened , select the padlock or information symbol in the address bar to the left of the URL.

Step 2: Allow Flash

Using the drop-down box next to Flash in the site’s settings, select Allow.

Alternatively, you can right click (or tap and hold) and select Enable Flash from the pop-up window, followed by Allow on the notification that appears.

Step 3: Refresh

To allow the Flash content to run, you will then need to refresh the page. You can use the small pop-up that appears at the top of the main Chrome window to Reload the page, press the circular arrow button next to the address bar, or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

If the site still doesn’t load properly, try a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5. If that still doesn’t work, double check that you weren’t sent to a different URL for a browser with Flash disabled (as evidenced in the image above). If that was the case, navigate back to the original Flash website you tried to access.

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