Germans McDonalds “McTrain” in 1993

The “McTrain,” as it is unofficially known, reportedly got its start in 1992, when the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway) agreed to try outsourcing catering on long-distance routes to McDonald’s. The DB allowed McDonald’s to refit two of its dining cars for the program, installing deep fryers, coffee machines, soda fountains, water heaters, and multiple walk-ins in a 269 square-foot kitchen—still reportedly more than half the car. After an apparent test period in Switzerland (though there is evidence of a parallel program in that country), the DB allowed the McTrain into service in Winter 1993, assigning it to the country-spanning Hamburg-Berchtesgarden line.

After two years of poor reception, the DB ditched the McTrain with the release of its Winter 1995 timetable, bringing to a close this failure of a fast-food experiment.

Today, the McTrain lives on in only photographs that occasionally circulate online.

Source: The Drive

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