From Bananas to Burgers: A Look at the Quirky World of 90s Novelty Phones

In the 1990s, novelty phones were all the rage. These were phones that were shaped like animals, food, or other fun objects, and they were a popular choice for people who wanted something a little different for their home phone.

One of the most iconic novelty phones from the 1990s was the banana phone. This phone was exactly what it sounds like – a phone shaped like a banana. It came in a bright yellow color and had a cord that looked like a stem. The banana phone was a hit with kids, who loved the silly design and the fact that they could talk on a “banana”.

Another popular novelty phone from the 1990s was the hamburger phone. This phone was shaped like a hamburger, complete with a “bun” for the receiver and “lettuce” and “tomato” buttons for the keypad. It was a fun and playful option for anyone who loved fast food or just wanted a unique phone.

In addition to food-themed phones, there were also animal-shaped phones. These included phones shaped like cats, dogs, and even pigs. Some of these phones even had extra features, such as a barking sound when the phone rang or a meowing sound when a button was pressed.

Novelty phones were a fun and whimsical way to add some personality to your home phone. While they may not have been the most practical option, they were definitely a memorable part of the 1990s.

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