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my hi score is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000comment image

best comment image score 23

cool game

it kinda sucks

my high score is 134

kinda? it does


it should be called flashy bird

my high score is 10

better on the app high score on app is 30

so friking hard :L

This is hard!

my high score is 40 yeaaaaa

mine was 20

legal the car

mas eu tenho um melhor


My score 10425362422227879999545362554658784561235645610

cheatin ass game lol

highscore is 9

playing the original flappy bird in 2015

how is this a 90’s game?

i am pushing the space button but nothing is happening pls help want to play this game.

This game is suck…I already punch my pc because of this game…

hate this game # its really stupit who ever made this game is really stupit