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Game controls: arrows and space

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Rating: 4.4/5 (523 votes cast)
Tennis, 4.4 out of 5 based on 523 ratings
  • Pras Wae

    hahahahaha SEGA memory

  • Lizette


    • your idol

      a mean one

  • Annete

    It was kinda fun.

  • joshua


  • Siddharth

    Undisputed Champ still!!!!

    • Milan Perišić

      yeah right

  • rocker107

    I suck

    • leslie


      • james

        what game are you on

  • leslie


    • Nayrisha

      Yeah I know Right

  • rahul tiwari

    This game is racist! Venus is White O.o

  • kyle

    suck my big fat tit yolol

  • kyle

    hay i love pooooooop in a bag you know like the smell is soo fucking good

  • kyle

    soooooooo if i ove you and you love me how the fuck loves every one and thare mother



  • Jordan Diaz

    i suck at this dude

  • jMA

    the best ive got was 2nd round

  • ham

    this sucks

  • Desmo

    great, fun game…that it’s difficult makes it that much better.

  • wiki

    Finally, After 2 days of restless practice and hard training, I have won the championship.
    I am very proud of me. ( :
    Thanks for cheering.

  • jb

    just beat the game with ANNA!

    • max

      i cant do it ive tried with my freinds

  • Aakash Singh

    Great game.

  • loubens

    fuck this

  • amit

    full fun games its better

  • Adnan Babar

    Piece of Cake. But reminds me of time at the game….

  • max

    this game is so boss

  • snayder

    asienpre gano

  • Nayrisha

    I Love games

  • Nayrisha


  • brianna salcedo

    i totally lost i cant catch her or his direction of the ball whos with me

  • eva

    this is awesome

  • james

    hey my name is james

  • Bob Willson

    This game stinks. The guy moves to slowly and the hitting is way too slow

  • Ali Naseeb

    it isn’t letting me play there is no screen

  • Wolf_Heart_12368


  • Lily

    hard to play… but it was still fun.