Tank 1990

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Game controls: Use arrwos to move, press F to fire


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Tank 1990, 4.3 out of 5 based on 821 ratings

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  • awesome was an addict of this one

  • Annete

    How do you even shoot and why is everything in Chinese

  • dios mio q recuerdos

  • how to pause while playing? 😀

    • herd

      ive got the same question..there is no pause option.

  • todavia tengo mi NINTENDO

  • vikash gaikwad

    fuck Dz game!!

  • himanshu

    which should i press to shoot

    • Sara Alaa Azab

      the key “F”



  • Moein Mohebbi

    very niceeee

  • Child Psychiatrist

    what the heck is the point of this game – remember it being real addictive back in the day!!! The tanks keep reappearing …and then what???

  • ChuckNorris


  • Nishad Ahmed

    Great game ever i paled…..

  • Adeel Jabbar


  • Suelen Toic

    muito massa

  • warer76

    I cant understand what it says.

  • alwaine

    nobady play in the emulator a game name street fighter amde in 1992 amybe but there is only 5 palyers ( ryu gaile chun lee and zongeef or idk and the police man :3 pls help me find it

  • alwaine

    guys pls what the machine name we used to play this i remember a card on it games but the machine is what exctly ?

  • duba

    is there any button to mute?

  • danny

    this is shitmotherfucka game

  • Ovidiu

    is there a 2 player option ?

    • peter


      • Avan

        Using arrow keys and space to fire for one person and using wasd keys and q or something to fire for the other person. Easy.

  • Xboz Gamer


  • naeem

    i love this game its my childhood nostalgia, F for shooting, 2 can play 1 should fire the other should drive……love love love for the game thank u

  • Brittany Quansah

    it stupiad

  • Dean Ambrose

    can i creat my own level

  • awesomedude2016

    i made myself lose by hitting the black phoenix.I think i’ll go play Yandere Simulator now