Quake Reloaded

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Game Controls : To play, use your W+A+S+D keys to move, mouse to aim and control key to fire.

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Quake Reloaded, 4.4 out of 5 based on 2039 ratings

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  • Gustavo Andres PG

    como diantreees disparaaar =/

    • oscar cardenas

      la tecla de que dice ctrl

  • Is there a full screen option?

    • 90kids


  • Jacob Palmer

    The aiming is way beyond sensitive, and the controls are odd as well.

  • good

  • Nahuel Sonzini

    Use ARROW KEYS TO AIM, ctrl to fire, space to jump, C L A S S I C!!

  • Quaking

    Mouse sensitivity is jacked.

  • macma

    This game meets entertained of graph but of controlling the keyboards not because it is this way this game!!!!???

  • RoyBoy

    this was always one of my favorite games to play. I like how you have to go back if you get dead and the original one had better graphics for even back then. I had it on a commodore 64 and it was awsome for it’s time! I’m glad they brought it back!

  • Daron Pracharn

    For those who don’t know, you can press ~ on your keybroad and type: god to take no damage at all from anything that can hurt you, type in fly to enable fly mode, type in impulse 9 to get all the guns and full ammo(this cannot be reverse), type in zoom_in to have binocular vision, and type zoom_out to reverse the zoom. look up quake 1 commands for more. (by the way, some things, like god mode and fly mode can be reverse or turned off by typing in the command code again, example:type in god to enable god mode, type in god to disable god mode). Also, make sure you have press the ~ first before typing in any of these commands, there will be a screen that covers half off the gaming screen.(I forgot, type in notarget so that enemys wont try to kill you unless you provoke them, this can also be reverse by typing in notarget again.) remember to press ~ again when you’re done with changing the game.

    • oscar cardenas

      were do we write that

  • Is there a way to turn down the mouse sensitivity?

    • hope thompson

      kiss me baby kiss me ha ha ha dorky hoty

  • nitrogen

    the game is not displayed

    • minecraft lover

      ut wont work

  • no

  • sarita

    como se dispara

  • sarita


  • gggfg

  • its not loaqding fast

  • i mean loading

  • quan

    cool beings dude

  • dylan


  • dylan

    its really laggy

  • mili

    hola como estan

    • Guest


  • khalid waleed


  • khalid waleed


  • khalid waleed


  • asidf

    it wont load

  • kyle arancillo

    WTF loading is like a turtle

  • veryeasilydistracted

    Takes some getting used to, but it reminds me a lot of the original DOOM of the 90s. I like it!

    • John Greene

      That’s probably because the original Quake series was made by the same guys who made the Doom series, which was ID software.

      • veryeasilydistracted

        Thanks for the info. Do you know where I can purchase the original Doom from the 90’s? All the gaming shops only seem to carry the newer versions (Doom II & III).

        • John Greene

          Doom 2 isn’t new, it was made in ’94. As to your question on where you can purchase the old Doom, you can buy the (Don’t quote me on this) ’95 versions of Doom 1, 2, and Final (which are compatible with all mods, such as Zandronium and Brutal Doom) on Steam. However, if you are looking for the previously mentioned titles in their original jewel cases. try flea markets, the “Play & Trade” chain of stores, classic game conventions, or eBay. Hope this helps.

          • veryeasilydistracted

            Thank you sir!

    • KingofGames

      90’s games has a doom triple pack

      • veryeasilydistracted

        Do I need to uninstall and reinstall or just update existing download.

        • KingofGames

          re-install to update

  • jose martinez


  • cool game

  • new game super smash bros tasrt wii wii u psp 4

  • John Greene

    For those who want to play Doom, Hexen, or Heretic, here’s a link to the flash port of the shareware (demo) versions http://gamers2play(.)com/3d-action/doom-hexen-heretic-triple-pack Make sure to delete the parentheses before hitting enter in the search bar.

  • ali


  • Joshua

    it loads way too slow my computers new godsakes

  • B Scherz

    Okay im stoked we have a cheat sheet on the forum but is there any way you can type in cheat commands on a google chromebook?

  • Norm Harding

    Wish for full screen and bring back the cheats! That is a part of what made these games fun!

  • Marlen Escobedo

    me he enviciado en este Juego … !!! D= Esta genial! 🙂

  • irfan


  • martin

    que buen juego!!!

  • retrorocket

    this game is not showing up for me even though i got to lv 3 a few days ago (i use chrome)

  • Luke

    Is not working:(

  • Daniel Lopez Rios


  • Daniel Lopez Rios


  • Daniel Lopez Rios


  • killer

    hey this is cool

  • kc7wzl

    I am using a acer Chromebook. and play lots of flash games but this one will not load up at all.

    • 90kids

      try to play in full screen

  • lil myron


  • Teddy Stanowski

    not working……………!

    • ben

      mine isnt working either


    on mine its not work wtf

  • Matt

    I have to full screen it to play, and even then it’s almost unplayable. The sensitivity is so high that even the slightest nudge of the mouse sends the camera spinning, plus the crosshairs keep changing back to a pointer for no reason and I have to click on the screen again to change it back to crosshairs in order to aim, move, or shoot.

  • sarath

    the games not l;oading

  • acma

    Shit like me I move

  • acma


  • acma

    This one good this game

  • acma

    This game is mas well that all the others

  • StumpyMate

    its just a white screen?!? any help? thanks

  • maurice

    yes ther is

    • maurice


  • maurice

    or u kissing

    • zoe


  • DJBooster

    not working anymore

  • Joseph

    Mouse is way too sensitive in game

  • mose


  • duffman

    not working

  • Coastal Toaster

    Push F11 to zoom in/out with scope

  • brandon lloyd

    I love these 90’s games

  • guilherme


  • guilherme


  • Guest

    🙂 ○ ☻ ☻

  • Guest


  • jasimne


  • gotanks 154

    lol if there was sonic on this i would kill him XD

  • anthony


  • dylan


  • zoe

    no i dont think

  • keancia

    okay why do we have this game

  • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media


    • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media

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      • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media

        hello 2

        • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media

          hello 3

          • DrPengin 1,000,000 Media

            hello 4

  • angel


  • noob

    wont load for me

  • noob

    you click full screen dumb ass lol

  • Kurokaze Akahiro

    No Mage quest in this website 🙁 ?

  • alyas

    this game LOS BAD

  • alyas



    game scean white

  • Dorota Layla


  • Dorota Layla

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  • Dorota Layla


  • Domino Gaming

    game isnt displaying

  • Dannelle Boyd

    Only a white screen is visable. This is the 2nd game I’ve ran into like this!