Flappy Bird

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Controls: Space Bar


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Rating: 3.9/5 (177 votes cast)
Flappy Bird, 3.9 out of 5 based on 177 ratings

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  • jack

    cool game

    • javier

      is ok

  • david

    it kinda sucks

    • Chica The Chicken

      It does suck

  • Romas

    my high score is 134

  • adrian

    kinda? it does

  • helena


  • john

    it should be called flashy bird

  • javier

    my high score is 10

    • William

      I have beaten your high score…..by 1

  • Brooklyn

    better on the app high score on app is 30

  • zachRX7ry

    so friking hard :L

  • zachRX7ry

    hate this game # its really stupit who ever made this game is really stupit

  • Dan

    This is hard!

  • yungboilutu

    my high score is 40 yeaaaaa

  • xboxzonegamer

    mine was 20

  • davi herobrine

    legal the car

  • davi herobrine

    mas eu tenho um melhor

  • davi herobrine


  • Ram Chinu

    My score 10425362422227879999545362554658784561235645610

  • Green Cracc

    cheatin ass game lol

  • Green Cracc

    highscore is 9

  • saifodx

    playing the original flappy bird in 2015

  • fifth

    how is this a 90’s game?

  • someone

    i am pushing the space button but nothing is happening pls help want to play this game.

  • Sandra Weaver
  • Helius zangetsu

    This game is suck…I already punch my pc because of this game…

  • Sandra Weaver